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Cool Image

Not sure where I found this, but I want to keep it in a “safe” place for future inspiration.  Tried to find it with google image search with no luck.



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Create your own paper

Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes has some cool CU elements.  In this tutorial I used her Texture Overlays mixed media 6 and nature made brushes.

I opened my PSE 9 in a 12 x 12 scrapbooking size and filled it with purple color.Paper-1-step-1-purple

Next I laid down an overlay:


I adjusted this layer with Color Dodge (100%) to get this:

Paper-1-step--2-color dodge

Next I loaded the brushes and used 2 flower shapes to add to the “blank” canvas.  This was my result.  I stamped them with less than 100% in a pinkish color.


Finally I added a light pink layer on top


And adjusted it to hue to get this:


When I changed the pink layer to color burn I got this:


Done!  Isn’t it cool.

I did the same thing with these using green and different brushes.  This time I altered the overlay layer.  First with screen:


I think this is a nice predictable paper. Then if I wanted it wilder, I adjusted the overlay to luminosity and got this.


You try it!  The overlays and brushes are on sale.  You’ll love it.  The possibilities are endless!

Download the free papers here.